Standard Membership


Become member for $112/month, $102 if bought during intro month (min 4 month commitment)


Freedom Membership


The freedom of never having to worry about mats and towels.


Want More Options?

You can also do a drop-in, and we offer 5 & 10 clas cards.


Harmony G

I took Barre with Erin and Kelsey and it is AMAZING. Every time you think you can’t do more, they build you right up. I love how different they are and really are your personal cheerleader. This is also my first time ever doing yoga let alone hot yoga and I'm hooked! Your staff is so nice and really love their job and it's about the customer service and your customer service is top notch!


Bring Your own:
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Yoga Mat
  • Towel
  • Comfy clothes to stretch in
Heads Up:
  • We rent mats & towels
  • Lockers available
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • If you need anything, just ask!

Teacher Training

Our teacher training is for anyone who is looking to deepen and expand their yoga practice, live and learn in community, have tons of fun and become a 500 hour certified yoga teacher.

Join a community of leaders seeking to create and facilitate positive change in the world, on and off the mat.


Share Your Good Vibes and Get Free Yoga

Inspired by our Be Accessible Pillar, our Energy Exchange program gives students the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice, regardless of their financial situation.

Energy Exchangers (EE’s) are an integral part of our studio family – their passion and dedication is what makes our community so special. In exchange for working one 4 hour shift per week, cleaning the studio, EE’s will receive unlimited yoga and lots of other perks!

Want to become a bigger part of our community in exchange for free yoga? Have 4 hours a week to spare? Our Energy Exchange program is for you.

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