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I Used My Phone To Call Someone – Gasp

Standing at the top of Lyndale Farmstead sledding hill, I heard children barreling down the hill, laughing– and my friend’s cell phone pinging. Trying to arrange a playdate for her oldest child, the texts were non-stop. Then she turned to me and said, “I’m going to do this your way.” She stopped texting and called the other parent. The pinging ceased (or, at least, dramatically decreased).

I hadn’t realized that I had branded making a phone call! Lately, I have made a point to call friends with a question or planning detail rather than text. It surprises many, but it is often more efficient and allows me to return to the present more quickly. The best part is it helps me connect with them.

This “old-fashioned” way of communicating has made me slightly more accessible. By choosing to make a call rather than text, I am making myself available to the person on the other end of the phone (tell me about your day, let me hear a piece of your world) and then more quickly to those around me.

In a recent Modo blog, Ashely Martin, talks about how overcoming fear helped her become more accessible to the world around her, “I sang with Santa Clause and It was a Defining Moment in My Life.” In a similar, much smaller way, I put aside my nerves and chose to make a few calls. One of the 6 Pillars that guide Modo yoga is “Be Accessible.” By reminding us that “Yoga is for everyone! All abilities, bodies, and backgrounds are welcome with open arms,” Modo encourages us to be accessible to others too.

During your next savasana think of one small way you can become more accessible. Maybe it’s a phone call, initiating a family game over the holidays, or singing with Santa. Whatever you choose, your time at Modo can help you get there. The mat, heat, quiet, and community remind us of the strength we have within and help us build a stronger self to share with others.

Be accessible.

By Kim Richards