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Healthy Boundaries During The Holidays

During the holiday season, it can feel like everyone wants access to you. Your time, your money, and your energy. It’s also natural that you want to give yourself in all these ways. Sometimes giving all that we have leaves us depleted and unable to share in all the ways we would like.

Knowing in advance what your tendencies are for ways you like to give to others and ways you run your resources down, you can create a plan to keep yourself charged through this holiday season and all year round.

The following are some ways that you can continue to be accessible in healthy ways:

  • Know yourself. Know the ways that you replenish yourself and the ways you drain yourself. Create a plan to have time to do those things (yoga, meditation, naps, reading, etc) on a regular basis. Also create a list of ways you typically deplete yourself and check in to be sure you are limiting these practices.
  • Create energetic and physical boundaries. We all have those people that drain our energy, we also have people who light us up and contribute to our lives. Know both kinds of people and be sure to be intentional with whom you are giving your time and energy. This doesn’t mean you need to cut people out entirely (and you might). This can simply mean mentally preparing yourself for interactions that leave you stressed and fatigued.
  • Be generous with yourself and the loved ones in your life. Acknowledge the stressors of the season and let go of situations that don’t go the way you want them to go.

Part of the practice of accessibility is slowing down enough to put your practices into place. Take a few minutes, breathe, and set yourself up for a wonderful winter season.

Molly Milinkovich |