testimonial2 (1) Modo Yoga is the best yoga in the Twin Cities area. That's why I drive all the way from the East Side of St. Paul to go there. There is a level of both spiritual and physical rigor - and I come for them both. Too often yoga can be too fitness-y, and the teachers act like personal trainers, and on the other hand, some of the more spiritually heavy classes can be really sleepy. Not so at Modo - the yoga instructors help you with your alignment AND your spiritual condition. I wish I could be their best friends. Every class they come in with an intention and help you connect the dots between the mat and your life. I have only been coming here for 2 months and I can see the changes in by body, mind, and soul. I hope to come here for a long time to come. Here are a few more things that make Modo cool: 1. It's HOT! 2. They are a family owned business 3. They give back to their community 4. There's an adorable brown lab that hangs out in the studio 5. They use earth friendly everything 6. They have a really convenient app to sign up for class. Emily Johnson