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You Are Your Highest Authority


You are your own highest authority. Do not place your source of authority outside of you. Go within to see if the truth you’ve found is in harmony with the truth you find in your heart. -Neale Donald Walsch- ON THE MAT Our teachers are here to guide the class and ensure everyone is being… More details

Attachment – 2 Perspectives, Which Side Do You Fall On?


A teacher and a student get into a philosophical debate at our yoga studio. The topic: ATTACHMENT. The result: each write a blog about it. What an inspiring community we have here at Modo Yoga Minneapolis. So here you go, ATTACHMENT – 2 PERSPECTIVES. Which side do you fall on? PERSPECTIVE ONE: I LOVE THIS… More details

Member Profile: David S

How long have you practiced at Modo Yoga? I have been coming to Moda Yoga almost two years. What do you like best about practicing yoga? It is relaxing. It gets you ripped! It gives me a work out and gets me sweating! And It makes me laugh sometimes. What are your favorite poses? I… More details

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