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Welcome Home

Regardless of your political affiliation, lately the world can seem less than inviting, welcoming and accepting.

Last week the US Government overturned the national ruling which  allowed children in schools to pick a bathroom based off which gender they identify with. We do acknowledge that it hasn’t been overturned fully, but ratherwill be up to each state’s discretion.

But it’s not just about the bathroom or school-aged-children.

This is about individual rights as well as appreciation for the fact that gender is a social construct and a fluid scale.

We want anyone struggling with acceptance to know that you are welcome at Modo Yoga Minneapolis. In fact, you are not just welcomed, you are  invited. You are wanted.

We hope that Modo Yoga Minneapolis can be a sanctuary where you get to be who you are and don’t feel the need to justify it. We are a community of friendly faces where each person is wanted regardless of race, gender, age or any other barrier you may have experienced.

Welcome Home!

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