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Yoga’s biggest myths BUSTED

Have you wanted to try yoga but you’re not sure what it’s all about? Or maybe the only thing that comes to mind when you think of yoga is an insanely flexible woman standing on her head. Whatever your association with yoga, we want to clarify a few things, so we’re busting some of the… More details


No Substitute for Sweat

Post by Philly D Recently I was part of crew doing webinars for some of the new Modo/Moksha owners who are opening studios in the coming year. Columbus, Ohio just opened opened, Modo Sydney Australia is in the works, as well is Modo Paris. Some exciting growth happening. I was listening to Darci from Moksha… More details



Words are not necessary in order to practice yoga and, in fact, many of us have probably participated – at some time – in a “silent” practice.  (If you haven’t, I highly recommend it as it can be astonishingly refreshing in its simplicity. ) For the most part, though, words from an instructor are offered… More details