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Recognizing and Releasing Attachments

Attachment, preference…no matter how you spin it, we all experience these things as humans. In a time when vision boards, goal setting, and time blocking are all the rage, it can seem counterintuitive to talk about letting go of how things play out. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. These goals… More details


Yoga’s biggest myths BUSTED

Have you wanted to try yoga but you’re not sure what it’s all about? Or maybe the only thing that comes to mind when you think of yoga is an insanely flexible woman standing on her head. Whatever your association with yoga, we want to clarify a few things, so we’re busting some of the… More details

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It’s Not Separate

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness . – Thích Nhat Hanh – ON THE MAT Simple & powerful. This quote today is a great way to explore the interdependence of every posture. In yoga practice we sometimes think we are doing one thing, often our teachers will give a specific benefit… More details