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You Are Your Highest Authority

You are your own highest authority. Do not place your source of authority outside of you. Go within to see if the truth you’ve found is in harmony with the truth you find in your heart. -Neale Donald Walsch- ON THE MAT Our teachers are here to guide the class and ensure everyone is being… More details

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How long have you practiced at Modo Yoga? I have been coming to Moda Yoga almost two years. What do you like best about practicing yoga? It is relaxing. It gets you ripped! It gives me a work out and gets me sweating! And It makes me laugh sometimes. What are your favorite poses? I… More details


Recognizing and Releasing Attachments

Attachment, preference…no matter how you spin it, we all experience these things as humans. In a time when vision boards, goal setting, and time blocking are all the rage, it can seem counterintuitive to talk about letting go of how things play out. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. These goals… More details


Manifest Your Life

  I started dating someone recently, and after only a month I almost told him I loved him…on accident. I am so used to saying to my family“good night, love you” that I almost did it to him, unintentionally and without meaning! And although those are good words to have roll off the tongue easily,they… More details

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Starting the Year, Dry

The beginning of the month – January 1 For each month of 2017, I’ve created a month-long challenge for myself. The challenges range from helping others to helping the environment to helping myself–both physically and mentally. You’ll have to stay tuned as I investigate the ups and downs of each challenge. I’m kicking off the… More details


A Peaceful Fight

We live in a very competitive culture. It can lead to a lot of fighting. Fighting for our job in a tough economy, fighting to take care of all of our responsibilities; the mortgage, our kids, our schooling, and it goes on and on. This is one reason I love yoga practice. It allows us… More details



Words are not necessary in order to practice yoga and, in fact, many of us have probably participated – at some time – in a “silent” practice.  (If you haven’t, I highly recommend it as it can be astonishingly refreshing in its simplicity. ) For the most part, though, words from an instructor are offered… More details