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Manifest Your Life

  I started dating someone recently, and after only a month I almost told him I loved him…on accident. I am so used to saying to my family“good night, love you” that I almost did it to him, unintentionally and without meaning! And although those are good words to have roll off the tongue easily,they… More details


Live to Learn: Beginners Mind

In the next couple of months, we will be exploring what each of the Modo/Moksha Pillars mean and how we can incorporate them into our own lives. If you missed our examination of the “Be Healthy” pillar, check it out here or if you want to get a head start and see the other pillars… More details

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The Giving Spirit

Every studio in our community is guided and inspired by 7 philosophical pillars. These pillars help us keep it real – both on and off the mat. One of our most inspiring ones is the Reach Out Pillar. It invites us as a studio to make a real impact on our community. For the next… More details


108 Sun Salutations – The What and Why?

by Michelle Henkell We yogis understand that there are many important and symbolic meanings in disciplines as diverse as mathematics to religion and spiritual practices. My intention for this class was to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. This is a time of balance between day and night. This duality between light and dark exists within all… More details