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Manifest Your Life

  I started dating someone recently, and after only a month I almost told him I loved him…on accident. I am so used to saying to my family“good night, love you” that I almost did it to him, unintentionally and without meaning! And although those are good words to have roll off the tongue easily,they… More details


Try A Posture Clinic

Modo Yoga is rooted in 7 Philosophical Pillars, and “Live To Learn” is one that really excites us. Connecting to this pillar opens us to possibility and encourages us to find and create new opportunities to cultivate growth. One way we do that at the studio is by offering Modo & Modo Flow Posture Clinics…. More details


No Substitute for Sweat

Post by Philly D Recently I was part of crew doing webinars for some of the new Modo/Moksha owners who are opening studios in the coming year. Columbus, Ohio just opened opened, Modo Sydney Australia is in the works, as well is Modo Paris. Some exciting growth happening. I was listening to Darci from Moksha… More details