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A Corporate Yogi

Although I work in what appears to be a trendy start up, I really work in health care, where creativity is generally red taped by legal considerations. The part of the start up culture we do embrace? Quickness. We move very quickly and if you can’t keep up, it’s probably a good idea to bow… More details


Manifest Your Life

  I started dating someone recently, and after only a month I almost told him I loved him…on accident. I am so used to saying to my family“good night, love you” that I almost did it to him, unintentionally and without meaning! And although those are good words to have roll off the tongue easily,they… More details


Yoga’s biggest myths BUSTED

Have you wanted to try yoga but you’re not sure what it’s all about? Or maybe the only thing that comes to mind when you think of yoga is an insanely flexible woman standing on her head. Whatever your association with yoga, we want to clarify a few things, so we’re busting some of the… More details


Modo Pillar: Reach Out

By Angela Noel Reaching out is an extension of self. It’s an effort to go beyond the comfortable, or the normal, and do something extraordinary. Folks like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Bill and Melinda Gates, Amma, and Martin Luther King do big things and impact millions. In our community, everyday heroes like social workers,… More details

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Our “Be Healthy” Pillar

Whether you’re new to Modo yoga or it’s your go-to practice space, understanding the community and what it’s built on will help you appreciate it more as well as help you understand how to go deeper into your practice and cultivate a more mindful life. Moksha/Modo Yoga (Moksha in Canada, Modo in the US) was… More details


30 Day Challenge | #GrowYourYoga

70 Modo and Moksha studios all around the globe are joining forces to impact climate change. We want you to join our 30 Day Challenge and have an opportunity for your practice to make difference. HOW DO I SIGN UP? To go along with our 30 Days, we have a fun BINGO card with prizes… More details


A Peaceful Fight

We live in a very competitive culture. It can lead to a lot of fighting. Fighting for our job in a tough economy, fighting to take care of all of our responsibilities; the mortgage, our kids, our schooling, and it goes on and on. This is one reason I love yoga practice. It allows us… More details


Layers of Gratitude

  What astonishes me most about yoga is that it is never done working on me. I have learned so much on my mat, but I continue to be transformed by this beautiful practice. There are infinite layers and dimensions of understanding, and that’s what makes it so rich. Gratitude is an integral part of… More details

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It’s Not Separate

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness . – Thích Nhat Hanh – ON THE MAT Simple & powerful. This quote today is a great way to explore the interdependence of every posture. In yoga practice we sometimes think we are doing one thing, often our teachers will give a specific benefit… More details