Serena Kuppe

In 2012 as a birthday gift to herself Serena bought a 60 day pass to the Moksha Yoga Studio in Minneapolis. It was there that she found the healing community that is now known as Modo Yoga. Practicing in the heat brought relief and mobility from prior injuries sustained while playing on the soccer field, racing her motorcycle at the track and Volunteer Firefighting. After a laundry list of injuries, surgeries, child birth and post-partum depression she turned to her mat. There she found peace, and an accessible, unconditional practice that ignited and continues to nurture and amplify her fiery love of yoga.

Serena brings compassion, openness, humor, and a rich range of personal experiences to her teaching. She considers herself a “practitioner of many postures, master of none.” Her greatest joy comes from sharing her own ‘aha’ moments with others so that they may make a connection to their own self awareness.