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I started dating someone recently, and after only a month I almost told him I loved him…on accident. I am so used to saying to my family“good night, love you” that I almost did it to him, unintentionally and without meaning! And although those are good words to have roll off the tongue easily,they still need to mean something.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about living intentionally and more thoughtfully. And as yoga has taught me, I have been trying to focus on one intention for the day. Yet, one that keeps resonating for me is the idea that “If you live on autopilot, you manifest on autopilot.”

Manifest: To cultivate. In this case to cultivate a life,which includes happiness, relationships, success, the list goes on and on.Basically the life you want. And not the life that you picture if you won thelottery. The life that is right in front of you, if you just make more decisions more intentionally.

As I think more about it, I can’t imagine a more tragic life than to live on autopilot. Moving from one thing to the next barely noticing.Have you ever driven home from work and realized 20 minutes later that you didn’t pay attention to a single thing while you were driving, yet suddenly,you’re home? I know I have. And I find it’s because I know it well, too well. I take the same route to work every day, so it’s easy to turn on autopilot and neglect my surroundings. But when I start to think about it, it’s not just my commute where this happens. It’s at work when I’m bored or when I see my family all the time. I lose the connection, the awe, the inspiration and the wonder in everyday things. True small miracles.

One thing I am learning is that life is constantly changing all around us and there is so much to pay attention to. The way objects feel or even the way they interact with one another. I think manifesting a life also means finding the wonder in everyday things. I tend to think that to manifest this life, I constantly need to be on the go and thinking about the next big thing. But how many millions of little moments am I missing out on when I do that?

I don’t have the answer yet, and maybe I never will, but one thing I do know is that there are small steps I can take to turn autopilot off and tune in more. After all, tuning in will lead you to a cultivated a life; a manifested present and future. How do you manifest the life you want and turnoff your autopilot?

written by Morgan Rogers

Morgan Rogers is a copywriter based in Minneapolis with an interest in health, nutrition and hot yoga (of course). She graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Human Biology and Spanish but is also passionate about the written word. Follow the Inspired Life Blog for more stories on all 12 of her 2017 challenges.

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