Live to Learn: Beginners Mind

In the next couple of months, we will be exploring what each of the Modo/Moksha Pillars mean and how we can incorporate them into our own lives. If you missed our examination of the “Be Healthy” pillar, check it out here or if you want to get a head start and see the other pillars that the Moksha/Modo community is built on, check those out here.

Nowadays, it seems like you’re either an expert at something or not. There’s no in between. But this limits how we think about things and can stop us from trying new things if we think only experts do this or that. This thinking is detrimental to pushing us past our comfort zones, and even more so, what does it mean to be an expert? And more importantly, does it even matter?


Enter the beginner mentality. The beginner mentality does not necessarily mean you are new to something and you don’t have to constantly be seeking out new things, especially if some of what you’re doing right now, you truly love. The beginner mentality can be recognizing new things in a common activity or trying out new activities all together. Here are some ways to adapt the beginner mentality in your life:

  • Come to your yoga practice each time with an open mind. This doesn’t just apply to yoga either. Let’s say you come to yoga 4 times a week, and each time you know your body has the ability to do something different. Some days you’re killing it and other days, the fact that you’re on your mat is enough. Honor where you’re at and don’t assume you should be at one point because you have been practicing for so many years. Also each pose can be made different. How can you embrace the beginner mentality and vary the pose so it feels new. Can you reach higher or bend deeper? What about not bending as much or taking a gentle variation? Play around with it. A great way to play with it in yoga is to join our 30 Day Grow Your Yoga Challenge. April 1st to 30th.  Learn More


  • Sign up for community education classes or online classes. Minneapolis offers lots of community ed classes in a variety of topics. Choose a topic you know nothing about and commit to a class. Classes are offered every day of the week, so find one that works in your schedule. They’re also very affordable so if money is a barrier to learning new things, this should help. There are also countless options online (like Coursera and Udemy) for online learning. These classes can be free and on any topic ranging from business ethics to website development to the anatomy of the body.
  • Travel. There is nothing like throwing yourself out of your comfort zone to help you embrace the beginner mentality. See how much you can learn, talk to the natives, check out local favorites and learn the history. And you don’t have to go far. Of course international travel is fun, but to get into the beginner mindset, you don’t need to stray far. There are so many great and unique states in the US that offer endless amounts of learning, but the same can be said for neighboring cities near your home.
  • Read. Ready everything and anything. Thousands of authors throughout the years have things to teach you. Pick up a book about a topic you have never even thought of, grab a cozy blanket and embrace the beginner mentality.
  • Talk to people. Think about it like this: Regardless of gender, age, education level, etc. every single person knows something that you don’t. Go find out what it is! Talk to anyone you can and learn their story. Ask lots of questions, after all, that’s what a beginner does.
  • Consider giving yourself a monthly challenge. Consider trying a new hobby every single month for a year straight. You will be amazed at what you can pick up, and after a month, if you decide a hobby isn’t for you, let it go and move on.

These are just a few ways to embrace being a beginner in your life, but there are so many ways you can constantly be learning; embrace them! It will open you up to new possibilities, help you accept failure as a natural (and awesome) part of life, and quite frankly, make you more interesting. Happy exploring!

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