kids yoga

Kids Yoga

Room Temperature: this practice is in the non heated studio

For Who: Children aged 4-10

What to expect: A 40 minute yoga sequence based on animal play, imagery, and imagination games. 20 additional minutes of a craft or quiet time project.

Additional guidelines:

  • After sign in: please accompany your child to the practice space. Feel free to bring them up to 20 minutes before class starts so that you can get ready for your class.
  • After class: please feel free to take up to 20 minutes for savasana and shower, then pick your child up from the practice room.

Music: Teacher’s choice to play childrens music or no music.

Duration: 60 minutes

Kids Yoga Class Times:

  • Monday @ 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday @ 4:30 PM
  • Saturday @ 11:30 AM