10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

It’s November, which means many of us will be gathering with our friends and families over good food and great stories to observe Thanksgiving. The act of giving thanks is isn’t something we need a special day to do – in fact, gratitude is something you can practice year round, every day. Here are some… More details

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Trees Help Us Breathe And Bring Us Peace

This month at Modo Yoga, we have been discussing peace and I believe autumn offers us the ideal backdrop for this exploration. From the poignant fall metaphors to the unpredictable weather. How do we find peace through it all? Even those gray, rainy – or maybe too sunny for your mood – October days? If… More details

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Cultivating Peace In Discomfort

  I have never jumped up from savasana as quickly as I did today. It was uncomfortable, quiet, and frankly too peaceful for what was happening in my head. Having a consistent yoga practice for 13 years, I know it’s exactly when I need savasana the most. It is easy to stay in any situation… More details

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Making Peace With Your Body

When I first started coming to Modo, I felt a little out of place. As a plus size woman, I couldn’t help but compare my physique to that of others. Would I be able to keep up? Would my body be able to do the things other bodies can do? Would I be judged? That… More details


Yoga At Any Stage of Life

Yoga is an open invitation at any stage of life. Whether you are 20 or 80 – the meditation and exercise that is yoga will inevitably meet the unique needs of that moment – and remind you to be present in it. So, what does yoga look like in our different stages, moments? As a… More details


Beginners Mind

Having a beginner mindset or a learner mindset is a concept that is thrown around a lot. It is an easy enough idea to get on board with. Most of us know that we have things to learn, new things to experience, and places to explore. What might not seem as easy to grasp, is… More details


Modo Yoga at 67 Years Old

“They do surgery in the Capitol, to make people appear younger and thinner. In District 12, looking old is something of an achievement since so many people die early. You see an elderly person, you want to congratulate them on their longevity, ask the secret of survival.” The Hunger Games Like the fictional heroine, Katniss… More details


5 Ways To ‘Show up’ and Build Community

Sometimes we complicate the work of building community. We make big plans, host events, and create “groups”.  We’re trying to connect, but can quickly feel lost in it all. So how can we make it easier? Community can be created and experienced by simply showing up. What does it mean to show up? It looks… More details