highlights of the new app

Highlights Of The New iPhone App!

Why the New Modo App is Awesome. Full confession, while I have been a Modo member for nearly four years, I’ve probably only pre-registered six times – four of which were in the past two weeks. I hated pre-registering on
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Gratitude challenge picture

Gratitude Challenge 2019

NOVEMBER 6TH – NOVEMBER 27TH This annual event is a two-week challenge that invites us as a community to practice being grateful. As we do that, we end up creating a wonderful art installation together. DON’T SIGN UP – JUST
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Caring for Our Lakes Now and All Winter Long

While the lakes will soon freeze over and the idea of them being “water” may be far from our minds, our actions now, and through the frigid months ahead, can do a lot to keep Minnesota water clean. We can
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