Beginners Mind

Having a beginner mindset or a learner mindset is a concept that is thrown around a lot. It is an easy enough idea to get on board with. Most of us know that we have things to learn, new things to experience, and places to explore. What might not seem as easy to grasp, is… More details


Modo Yoga at 67 Years Old

“They do surgery in the Capitol, to make people appear younger and thinner. In District 12, looking old is something of an achievement since so many people die early. You see an elderly person, you want to congratulate them on their longevity, ask the secret of survival.” The Hunger Games Like the fictional heroine, Katniss… More details


5 Ways To ‘Show up’ and Build Community

Sometimes we complicate the work of building community. We make big plans, host events, and create “groups”.  We’re trying to connect, but can quickly feel lost in it all. So how can we make it easier? Community can be created and experienced by simply showing up. What does it mean to show up? It looks… More details


Stepping Into The Future: AGM Highlights

Every year in May all owners of Moksha & Modo Yoga studios gather at a camp north of Toronto, Canada for our Annual General Meeting. We share ideas, listen to inspiring presentations, and discuss how we can keep growing. These 3 days are FULL of powerful moments and vibrant learning. Here are some highlights. UNITED:… More details


You Are Your Highest Authority

You are your own highest authority. Do not place your source of authority outside of you. Go within to see if the truth you’ve found is in harmony with the truth you find in your heart. -Neale Donald Walsch- ON THE MAT Our teachers are here to guide the class and ensure everyone is being… More details

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Member Profile: David S

How long have you practiced at Modo Yoga? I have been coming to Moda Yoga almost two years. What do you like best about practicing yoga? It is relaxing. It gets you ripped! It gives me a work out and gets me sweating! And It makes me laugh sometimes. What are your favorite poses? I… More details


What Is Containment Anyway?

You’re in tree pose, and you hear the teacher say, “Bring the energy into the center. Press the hands against each other at the heart center. Press the foot into the thigh and the thigh into the foot. Now lift that spine taller.” You’re in runners lunge, and you hear the teacher say, “Lift your… More details


Harvest Feast: Fall Into Plant Based Eating

You may have heard (and hopefully you have also been participating) that we’re in the middle of a gratitude challenge here at Modo Yoga Minneapolis. So to close out this challenge, we want you to come celebrate two weeks of communal gratitude with a Fall Harvest Feast. The feast will happen on: November 18 from… More details