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My practice helped me sweat out a few bad habits, and be playful, curious and content

“Since I brought my yoga practice with me, it needed a new yoga home too,” says Kevin, a 20-year yogi who moved to Minneapolis in 2017. His reasons for choosing Modo were straightforward, “I like the heat. Modo Minneapolis has plenty of that. I like structure. Modo classes have structure too.” His reflections on practice almost poetic – sweating out a few bad habits, playing at the edge of a posture, meeting a cast of characters. Read on – you’ll enjoy “meeting” Kevin too.

How has your practice on the mat helped you beyond the mat?
I came to hot yoga to get fit and lose weight with no idea of all the other benefits I’d receive from the study and practice of yoga. In the nearly 20 years since my first class, I’ve sweated out a few bad habits and old patterns while soaking up lessons on non-harming, honesty and contentment. Practicing asanas has taught me how to connect breath, alignment, and mind.

That skill walks off the mat with me whether I leave for home, a business meeting, or the grocery. Being in the moment, letting go of distractions, judgments, and fears is a much better way for me to live my life. When I remember to use them, the skills from the practice are there for me when I’m stuck in traffic or enjoying a bike ride.

When I roll up my mat I leave the studio with a cast of characters I would never have met without my yoga. No way to count all the people I’ve met in the studios I’ve visited over the years.
And finally, yoga gives me a valuable window on aging. Early on I was a bit of a ‘pose chaser.’ Now I adjust the pose to what the body can do. I allow the pose to serve me.

Is there an intention that really resonated with you?
First up, I love how each teacher is so thoughtful about sharing an intention I might use during class. I’ve been encouraged to breathe out, let go of what I do not need and release negativity and resentment that might show up in the body. There have been many times when the intention to be curious and play at the edge of postures has suited me. What stays with me the most are the intentions that lead to uncovering who I am while I do my practice.

What would you say to someone who might be nervous to try our Hot Yoga or Barre?
Enjoy being nervous. Notice how that feels in your body. Then take a breath and do the practice. Find your balance between ease and effort. And know that the instructors at Modo will guide and support you before, during, and after practice.

What yoga pose has taught you the most about yourself?
Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) where I can be strong and balanced, flexible and patient, playful and disciplined all at the same time – except when I can’t. And even then, I have the choice to enjoy the effort and appreciate how each day is different but no better or no worse. The pose has taught me that I enjoy a challenge, just as I enjoy finding ease. It reminds me of my curious nature.