My Practice Opened The Door of Love

Meet Celeste. She found Modo because of a friend and she struggled when she started. As she learned to breathe and hydrate in new ways her whole practice opened up! Her favorite posture is Dancers because it is the hardest for her! You’re not alone in that department Celeste. Am I right?!

How has your practice on the mat helped you beyond the mat?
Since I started yoga I have learned a tiny bit of patience. This is not a natural thing in my family. And I work where everything comes STAT! Now when my teenager pushes my buttons I usually answer with words and not screams. Yoga has also helped me focus so that when I read the information I retain it more. I also feel like it has been the key to progressing in my aerial practice. Not only can I do better tricks because I am stronger but I also started flying trapeze which I now love as a serious passion and prior has tried and decided it was too scary for me. I think I learned to breathe up on the platform. So thank you yoga. Yoga makes my life more joyful and my heart more full. The best thing that has happened to me since I started yoga is that I have met my forever man. Before yoga, I never would have had the patience for a real relationship or desire to open my heart to intimacy at this level. I am so blessed and lucky to have found love this fabulous. And I credit Yoga for opening this door.

What would you say to someone who might be nervous to try our Hot Yoga or Barre?
It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. It has opened up my life to love and joy and made it way more bountiful. It is a soul healing practice. Join in if you want to feel good.