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Earth Day Is Over, Now What? 8 Ways To Go Green(er)

What better time to talk about this Modo/Moksha pillar than right around Earth Day? Although we often don’t think about our connection to the earth, we are forever intertwined. Because of this intersectionality, it is not only our opportunity but our duty to conserve and protect the earth so that generations to come may experience… More details


Live to Learn: Beginners Mind

In the next couple of months, we will be exploring what each of the Modo/Moksha Pillars mean and how we can incorporate them into our own lives. If you missed our examination of the “Be Healthy” pillar, check it out here or if you want to get a head start and see the other pillars… More details


You’re Invited – Family Dinner

At the end of August we had a fun BBQ / Swim Party with our staff, teachers and Energy Exchangers.  It inspired us, and reminded us how food brings people together. So we wanted to take things to a new level and invite all of our community for dinner. By all, we actually mean 40… More details